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Lesbian Terminology – “LUG”



1. Acronym – stands for “Lesbian Until Graduation”

2. Young, sheltered collegiate women who exemplify lesbian tendencies or who engage in queer relationships only to return to the heterosexual community after graduating with a degree.

There is actually a lot of controversy surrounding this term. To many deep within the lesbian community, LUGs are frivolous, confused hetero-chicks who just want to try something new (or make their boyfriend’s jealous). For other lesbians, it is a ridiculous term, conjured by the media in order to portray lesbian relationships as illegitimate happenings of sexual exploration – and also to strengthen the idea that gay is a choice.

Google the term (in full form, the acronym just brings up unrelated results) and you find articles from Autostraddle and AfterEllen on the subject. Also, independent bloggers will talk about the term. You can read about all the different objections people have to this term.

Even though, as a lesbian, I believe that sexual orientation is instinctual, I do believe that sexual explorations does occur, especially in college (maybe as a result of rebellion). And I can honestly say I know a few LUGs.

But then that opens up another suggestion: could LUGs be bisexual women, and instead of building up this idea, we try to disapprove that there is such a thing as bisexuality by calling them “hasbians” (another term to define in the future).

All you have to know, bitches, is what LUG means.

P.S. LUG has other variants, including “GUG” (Gay Until Graduation) and “BUG” (Bi Until Graduation).

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