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…Where’s My Hurricane?

Worse than Hurricane Irene.

Why did the papers release this headline? It made everyone in my county panic, after being devastated by Irene. People bought $1000 generators (Emily’s soon-to-be stepdad bought us an $800 one). Dozens of schools and businesses closed in anticipation for Sandy. Many people called into work and left town.

And for what? This:

Oh my gosh, look at the damage – oh, wait…..

It was sunny Tuesday. It wasn’t raining. Hardly a leaf was out of place.

Worse than Irene?

Now, I’m not saying this storm didn’t cause billions of dollars of damage along the east coast. My hometown where my parents live experienced flooding and power outages. We all know that Manhattan experienced widespread damage from flooding like they’ve never seen. There is an island of the Jersey Shore that is currently on fire, and no emergency services can reach the island to put out the fire. Hundreds of lives were lost. The photos from Sandy’s damage is heart-wrenching.

No one could really get into our county when Irene hit. The bridges were impassible. People’s houses got washed away down to other counties. The street next to ours was lined with houses, and after Irene only a few stood. People lost property, livestock, and their lives were forever changed. There are still people living in FEMA trailers. And news coverage was very little until after the storm.

After Hurricane Irene in only a small part of the county:

Now, in no way am I trying to diminish the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I know it is a storm that will go into the history books. It’s just that everyone here in the county are frustrated. Some people went to great lengths to prepare for a storm that would be worse than Irene. And all we got here was a shower and some wind.

It is very frustrating when you expect to get inundated with damage, and nothing happens. It’s frustrating when you cannot return your overly priced generator that went unused.

I know thousands of people lost their homes during Sandy, and I know hundreds of people lost their lives. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to everyone affect by Sandy.

But really? Not even a puddle to account for. It’s a good thing our county did not have a duplicate of Irene, but goddammit, it sure is frustrating. People have to understand that when you say something like “This hurricane is going to be worse than Hurricane Irene,” and nothing happens, you’re gonna have some pissed off people.

Well, at least I got out of college for a day.

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That Bitch, Sandy

Oh, Sandy.

Sandy, Sandy, Sandy.

You’re a feisty bitch, aren’t cha?

Currently, I am sitting inside my girlfriend, Emily’s, house, anxiously looking out the window, waiting for the storm to hit. For those who don’t know, Hurricane Sandy is on a path of destruction along the East Coast, and the Northeast is preparing for a hell of a week. The “Frankenstorm” – as it has been affectionately named – is supposed to be a mixture of tropical storm and Nor’estern. Which means not only will there be 60mph damaging winds and potential flooding, but there is the possibility for snow.

Snow. And it isn’t even Halloween yet.

In fact, Halloween might be cancelled due to this freak storm. And the local papers are predicting it to be worse than Hurricane Irene that hit New York last year.

Worse than Irene.

Everyone is panicking. There are long lines at gas stations no matter what time of day, making getting gas quite a chore. Batteries, gallons of water, flashlights, and generators are disappearing off store shelves faster than employees can stock them. People are leaving town, shelters are being established, and it feels like the end of the world. I’m thinking about building a boat, myself.

Emily’s house is in central New York, and was right in the middle of the flooding from Hurricane Irene. Her county was destroyed, but luckily her house survived. But people are still living in FEMA trailers; they have barely finished rebuilding. And now those devastated by the first storm are about to get hit twice as bad.

It’s frightening.

Her house is high enough up that if there was significant flooding (or the dam broke), the house wouldn’t even be close to the flood waters. But the only way in and out of her town is by bridges. So if the bridges are deemed impassable, we are literally stuck on an island, separated from civilization by the flood waters of Hurricane Sandy. We are debating whether to evacuate early or not, but we have so many animals that we don’t know where we’d go. And we’re not leaving them behind.

It’s not even raining here yet, but watching the videos from the places already being affected by Sandy makes my anxiety level rise. Emily and her mother both work at a hospital (although not in the emergency room), and it’s unlikely that the hospital will close even if they are under water. Which means that both of them have to go into work unless they want to sacrifice sick days/personal days/vacation days. Which, to me, seems ridiculous, because why would you want you’re employees risking their lives if they are not working in emergency services (Emily works in a doctor’s office within the hospital, and her mom works as an outpatient operating room RN).

So, since I have a Subaru Forester nicknamed “The Beast”, I am driving Emily to and from work just incase the weather gets out of hand. Which will be an adventure, certainly.

10:40am update: it has started raining.


Hopefully we will weather the storm safely, and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is currently in the eye of the storm. This is gonna be a bad one.

Sandy is proving to be one testy bitch.

I wonder if I can get WIFI on the arch I’m about to build?

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