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I’ve Been Outed!

Geez, look at the gaps between my posts! I haven’t been very consistent with my blogging, but I have an annoying friend that keeps me away from my computer – it’s called life. And sometimes, it sucks all my free time up. But I decided to take a break from school this semester, and I do not start until January. I am hoping this will help me increase my posts to maybe a weekly installment? (Hopefully)

Anyway, this summer has been very eventful. Though my new, full-time, doctor’s office job kept me from going on vacation this year, I almost didn’t need to get away this summer. A weight has been lifted off my shoulder.

My mother outed me.

At a funeral, no less!

I was visiting my childhood friend with Em, my fiancée, close by to where my parents live when I was informed my godfather had passed away. Which put me in a little bit of a predicament. I was supposed to be heading home. I had Em with me. My mother told me I could bring Em, which I found a little odd. Even though I have rectified my relationship with my parents (they even helped finance a car for me since mine died), I was bringing her into a situation where none of my other family members had any idea I was gay.

Well, my mother fixed that by outing me to the entire funeral parlor before I arrived. My brother, my uncles, my godmother, family friends…she told everyone! And then my father threatened anyone who had a problem with it.

At a damn funeral!

I have to say that I am very proud of my parents. They went from being very hesitant and kind of harsh to loving Em and supporting and protecting me. They almost brag about it sometimes to their friends. They have done a complete 180 and I don’t know what sparked it, but I am happy we have all settled on the same page.

Honestly, it feels much better this way. I feel like I can breathe again. They are actually excited when Em and I comes and visit. Soon, they will be moving closer to where we live, and they have already stated that they expect us to visit at least every other weekend for dinner. I mean, a complete change since when I started this blog. It was hell for a few years. And we all felt hurt by each other. But they have finally accepted me for who I am, and I am so happy they have!

So, if anyone else out there is struggling with someone who isn’t supportive of your orientation (like parents or friends), know that maybe all they need is time. Time to absorb things, process, and time to see that you aren’t a different person than what they’ve come to know, only that who you love might be viewed as unconventional.

But maybe they shouldn’t come to this realization while attending a funeral….

Seriously. Why couldn’t it have been at a BBQ or something more informal?!

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