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Alabama Finished It!!!

Ahhh yeah bitches! Alabama’s Crimson Tide softball team won the Women’s College World Series 2012 Championship on Wednesday!!!!!

There was so much screaming in the household people three counties over could hear us!

Great job, ‘Bama! Congrats on winning!!

Now we here at The Lesbian Saga feel a little lost, because softball season is over. We still switch over to ESPN thinking a game will be on…we can’t wait for next season! Hopefully Alabama will be back again to sweep another championship!

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Alabama won game 2 of their showdown with Oklahoma in the Women’s College World Series of softball, 8-6!!! Both Oklahoma and Alabama have each won one game. It’s best two out of three. This means Alabama only has one more chance to sweep the title.

And anyone who has been following knows we here at The Lesbian Saga love Alabama’s Crimson Tide. They are totally beasting this championship.

I would like to make a little note here. Perverted lesbianism aside, Emily and I respect and appreciate Alabama as a team. They are awesome. They have amazing players and their skill level is through the roof. We don’t just like them because they are a softball team and we’re lesbians and the team is full of attractive women. We love Alabama because watching their games is an amazing experience. They have such great plays, they know how to win, and their games are always neat. They know their individual strengths and weaknesses, and they know how to use those to their advantage. They have an unstoppable pitcher, a great starting lineup, and amazing defense. Alabama makes one hell of a softball team.

And that’s why we love them.

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When Lesbians Crush…

They crush HARD!

Take, for example, my girlfriend Emily. Right now we are watching game 2 of the Woman’s College World Series of softball. We are rooting for Alabama. And Emily is practically creaming over one of the Alabama softball players.

And it is now an obsession.

So I’m listening to things that, as a jealous girlfriend, should be causing steam to violently erupt from my ears.

But, alas, I too am crushing on the same player.

There is a lot of screaming going on in the household right now as Alabama just scored three more runs. 8-1.

And as Emily says, “I wish I could just stand at home base and smack their asses.”

Damn straight, bitches.

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Softball Is Like Heroine To Lesbians

At least, for this lesbian couple it is. I was never a big softball fan until I met Emily, who used to play softball. She LOVES this sport. Now, we watch it on ESPN-U every freakin’ night.

I’m not complaining. Out of all the sports I have to say I actually enjoy softball immensely. And it is such a stereotypical lesbian sport how could I not?!

Currently we are watching the Woman’s College World Series. And it’s down to the wire. Oklahoma University versus University of Alabama. Best two out of three and game 2 is on tonight. And we are rooting for Alabama!!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. We’re New Yorkers, who lives in New York. Why are we rooting for an Alabama softball team?

Good question.

It all started when Emily and I were watching the SEC tournament, which is basically the prelude to the semifinals of the WCWS. It’s all a NCAA softball division thing. Emily fell in love with Alabama’s Crimson Tide (I know, I laughed the first time I heard their softball team’s name, too. It’s alright, get it out of your system). I’m not sure why, probably because she’s crushing on half of the players, but she picked that team and said to me: “They are gonna go all the way.”

She was right. They are now battling for the championship title. So I guess she picked a good team. But her love of the Alabama softball team has grown on me, and now I am hoping that they win the series, too! Emily even bought us jerseys. We’re dorks, I know.

On another note, no East Coast teams made it to the WCWS, and no sport’s network around here broadcasts New England softball games. It’s a bummer. Maybe when I transfer colleges we’ll have a NY college team to root for. So until then, we may be the only people on the whole East Coast rooting for Alabama in the WCWS, but we are and we’re damn proud!

So if anyone follows college softball, hopefully you’re rooting for the Crimson Tide! If not, that’s okay too. I guess we’ll still like you. As long as you like softball we can still be friends.

So batter up, bitch scouts. And watch the WCWS of softball on ESPN-U!!

Roll Tide Roll!

P.S. Our favorite players are Kaila Hunt (infielder and “damn sexy” according to Emily)and Jackie Traina (probably the best damn pitcher you’ve ever seen. Here comes the J-Train!).

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