Greetings and salutations, bitches!

The name’s Kris, and welcome to ‘The Lesbian Saga: Tales Of A Lesbian’s Journey Through Life.” I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting, I appreciate it 🙂 Now, I’d like to introduce myself to everyone who is reading this.

I’m a New Yorker and dammit, I’m proud of it! I eat way too much, talk way too much, make mistakes way too often, read too much, and write way more than I need too – basically, I overachieve. But that isn’t always a negative trait!

I can totally be a bitch when provoked. Or sometimes no instigation is needed. You have been warned.

I am gay, and dammit once again I am proud of it! I love lesbians, I love being a lesbian!

I am a feminist. Just warning ya’ll ahead of time.

I am not trying to make myself sound terrible, but I rather not tell everyone I am full of sunshine and kittens and then turn into a C-U-Next-Tuesday from Bitchville and everyone runs away screaming. That would be disastrous.

I have a life partner. Her name is Emily. I love her, end of story.

I have way too many animals to be considered legal.

And I love writing more than anything.

I’m currently studying health information management and technology….college will steal my soul.

And despite all of the above, all loyal readers are awesome and I love you all 🙂

Alright, enough about me. I’m boring myself. Happy readings!

Peace out, bitch scouts!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I attempted to become a vegan… but i love cheese too much, so it didn’t work out. so then i tried to be a vegetarian… but i was told eating fish disqualifies me from being a vegetarian. so now i avoid red meat, but that’s about it… le sigh. i tried. i really did.

  2. rmiles says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and the “follow.” From your About post, you sound like a bit of a smartass. . .that’s a complement. Looking forward to reading some of your other posts. Cheers.

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