It Never Ceases To Amaze Me…

The audacity of some people!

I work in a doctor’s office, and I see a lot of crazy things. And I am always shocked. The flaws of society really show in a place like this.

Anyway, I was taking down information from a man to do a new patient appointment. His reason for leaving his old doctor’s office? His doctor retired and the hired a female doctor, and he doesn’t want to go to a female doctor, because he doesn’t “feel comfortable” and “doesn’t know how good of a doctor she is,” and “doesn’t really like women doctors.”

It took every ounce of self control not to say listen, buddy, she see’s so many guys’ junk, that yours isn’t going to make her react any differently. And, in fact, I bet she’s a brilliant doctor who doesn’t want a sexist patient like you, anyway.

This almost topped the man who threw his coat at me and told me to go hang it up and bring him a glass of water.

I really hate people. I really do.

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4 thoughts on “It Never Ceases To Amaze Me…

  1. 2cagedbirds says:

    Glad to see you’re back. I can’t believe that dude actually threw his coat at you. That’s completely ridiculous!

  2. um. people are dumb. I graduated highschool a decade ago… yet yesterday the insurance agent I spoke to told me to have my parents call her for me because they’d understand what she was talking about.


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