If Every Parent Was Like Sally Field….

We all know who Sally Field is…

She is a beautiful actress, singer, producer and director. Her works include The Flying Nun, Steel Magnolias, Forest Gump, and the tv show Brother’s and Sisters. She is recognizable not only as a talented woman, but a gay icon. But I don’t think anyone knew how important equal rights were to Sally Field until she announced that her youngest son, Sam, was gay.

If every parent was like Sally Field, this world would be a more accepting place. Here’s why:

Sally Field was the recent recipient of the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award. During her acceptance speech, she spoke in eloquence about how proud and how accepting she was of her son. She admonished parents of gay children that do not accept them, and hoped for a better future for LGBTQ rights.

Her words literally moved me to tears. How desperately I wished my own parents accepted me like she accepts her son. How I wished my coming out was a cause for celebration within my family, and not an event filled with tears and anger. How I wished, like Ms. Field, my parents understood my sexuality wasn’t a choice, just a happening of nature. According to Ms. Field, being a parent to a gay child is a blessing.

How I wish all parents could be like Sally Field. And I know I’m not the only one. But now we, the gay community, have another celebrity to look up to. And hopefully her words, and her actions, and the acceptance of her son will help other parents struggling to accept their own children for who they are.

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