First Lesbian Wedding


White table clothes, tiny glasses of pink champagne, mason jars of baby’s breath, and a table full of lesbian couples. All these things that surround me as I sit here, sipping blush wine and experiencing my first lesbian wedding.

Emily’s co-workers, two beautiful and wonderful women, took their first steps as wife and wife today. I felt blessed to be able to witness something I myself will be going through from the perspective as a bystander. It was absolutely amazing to watch their faces as they exchanged vows – how only a few of us can only be so lucky to have experienced a love like theirs.

Kat stood in all of her butch glory, in a black tux with a red bow tie, but I saw the softness in her eyes when her bride, Chrissy, descended the aisle in heavenly white.

To love a woman is a transcendent, spiritual experience. It is something that is hard to describe, but there is absolutely nothing better than waking up holding the soft body of a women. To see her face every day, the smile, the twinkle in her eyes, her laugh, the curves of her body, that nurturing yet fiery personality.

People wonder how a woman could love another woman, but women were meant to love, and how could you not love and admire your own gender the most?

Their wedding was a mixture of elegance, DIY beauty, and simple good hearted (somewhat drunken) fun. Their cake was beautiful…


…and when you signed the guest book, you could dip your thumb in stamp ink and put your fingerprints onto a tree (representing a leaf) that Chrissy painted.



Everyone was so beautiful, and not an ounce of prejudice could be found. It really was great, and I felt so lucky to have gotten to experience it.

I love Kat and Chrissy, and I only hope them love and happiness in their years to come as a married couple.

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One thought on “First Lesbian Wedding

  1. Sacha Black says:

    The 29th was my 1 month wedding anniversary!!! So I love this post. I absolutely love the tree too what a fabulous idea :). Just hopenthat some of my friends start getting hitched as ours was the first lesbian wedding!!

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