Lesbian Terminology – “LWI” and “LUI”

(FYI, while the definition has been around for, well, forever, I have not been able to discover an actual name for it. So I made these up, essentially. Booyah, bitches!)


noun, action, title (?)

Acronym – “Lesbian While Intoxicated”


noun, action, title (I don’t know, grammar sucks ass)

Acronym – “Lesbian Under the Influence”

Both have the same definition:

1. A woman who is 100% hetero when sober, but under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol finds herself making out with girls or even going further.

We all have a straight friend who has committed a LWI or a LUI. They’ve been dating this guy for years. They are perfectly happy with their heterosexuality. They like dick. The next thing you know is you’re seeing photos of them from some party and they are making out with chicks left and right. And you’re staring at them, jaw unhinged, wondering when the fuck the apocalypse is going to start.

Yup, been there, done that.

It’s known that alcohol and drugs can loosen up even the most stuck up individual. So only natural that it makes some more open about sexuality in general. We all know alcohol makes you say and do things you wouldn’t if you were sober. Many, though, have repeating LWI/LUI offenses.

There are some explanations here. One is that the alcohol and/or drugs are making them feel pretty loose and wild and they’ll do anything while intoxicated (or do anything for attention, although not always the case). The other is that maybe they are closeted, and alcohol “brings out the truth”. Another is that these are bisexual women. This is less looked into though because substances that alter your mental state are involved, and many overlook things done under the influence because of this.

Personally, I don’t know how you can make-out with a girl one night and go back to men for the rest of your life. Then again, I am a lesbian, so I guess I’ll never understand.

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