Lesbian Terminology – “Hasbian”



1. A woman who once identified herself as a lesbian

2. A woman who had, at one time, dating other woman or had been in one or many lesbian relationships, who is now in a heterosexual relationship.

Okay, just like LUG, there is controversy.

I believe there are two forms of hasbians.

The first form is a less offensive form. These are bisexual women who have had same-sex relationships in the past and are just exploring the opposite sex. They are not disregarding the lesbian aspect of bisexuality, they are just exploring the heterosexual side of it, and many people often mislabel them and their motives. I know a couple of these cases and none of them deny their lesbianism, because they identify as bi, and we all know that bisexuality means being sexually attracted to both sexes. So really, calling these individuals hasbians could be offensive to them.

More often than not, unfortunately, this term is used to describe a more offensive form.

This offensive form is a woman who once dated other woman, once identified as a lesbian, and then began dating men. And once involved in a heterosexual relationship, denies that she was ever a lesbian and sometimes even disses homosexuality. This is the type of hasbian that so many of us lesbians have problems with. We fight so hard to make people believe that being gay isn’t a choice, and someone like this comes along and makes us seem frivolous. These types of hasbians make it seem like lesbians can be converted to heterosexuals.

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