Lesbian Terminology – “Lesbian Bed Death”

Lesbian Bed Death


1. A term to describe the absence of sex in a long term relationship.

It is a term that was coined by sociologist Pepper Schwartz, from the University of Washington, who, in her scientific research, found that lesbian couples in committed, monogamous relationships experienced a decrease in their sexual activity, and and all over loss of intimacy in their relationship.

This, ultimately, has been called a myth by many lesbians and some psychologists. Just ask a bunch of committed, monogamous lesbians. I’m sure they are having lots of sex! And, let’s not forget, that heterosexual couples go through dry spells as well.

More often, it is used as a term in a humorous situations and, in some cases, as an insult.

All in all, I believe it’s safe to say that this is one thing most lesbians fear.

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