Grandma Adolf

Grandma Adolf.

The wonderful nickname Liss and I came up for my grandmother. Now, you make be asking yourself why am I referring to my grandmother as the dictator of Nazi Germany. She hasn’t destroyed the lives of millions, nor has she brutally murdered thousands of innocent minorities.

But she is a really big Fotze.

She can be mean and nasty when she wants to be. She doesn’t like anyone who is different from her, and certainly doesn’t like gay individuals. Nothing is every good enough for her. No one can do anything right. She never takes responsibility for her mistakes and blames everyone else for her faults. She lives selfishly and doesn’t consider anyone else when she says or does something. She believes that there should be no consequences to her actions. She’s just living by riding on other people’s coat tails.

She’s a Miststück, and not the good kind, fellow bitch scouts. There are two types of bitches: the empowering kind and the rude, nasty kind. She’s the kind of bitch you spit at with venom in your mouth.

My grandmother isn’t a nice person, and I know that she wasn’t the nicest mother to my mom. My mother isn’t her favorite child, and yet she is staying in my parent’s house rent-free. She is constantly butting heads with my mother, or doing things that are the complete opposite of what my mother tells her to do. My mother takes my grandmother to all her doctors’ appointments, to the market, out shopping, and literally tailors her whole life around my grandmother and my grandmother doesn’t give a damn. She is constantly saying things and doing things to piss me off.

And all I can say when it happens is: Grandma Adolf strikes again.

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