Alabama won game 2 of their showdown with Oklahoma in the Women’s College World Series of softball, 8-6!!! Both Oklahoma and Alabama have each won one game. It’s best two out of three. This means Alabama only has one more chance to sweep the title.

And anyone who has been following knows we here at The Lesbian Saga love Alabama’s Crimson Tide. They are totally beasting this championship.

I would like to make a little note here. Perverted lesbianism aside, Emily and I respect and appreciate Alabama as a team. They are awesome. They have amazing players and their skill level is through the roof. We don’t just like them because they are a softball team and we’re lesbians and the team is full of attractive women. We love Alabama because watching their games is an amazing experience. They have such great plays, they know how to win, and their games are always neat. They know their individual strengths and weaknesses, and they know how to use those to their advantage. They have an unstoppable pitcher, a great starting lineup, and amazing defense. Alabama makes one hell of a softball team.

And that’s why we love them.

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